Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade: Hobas Manhole Installation

//Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade: Hobas Manhole Installation
Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade: Hobas Manhole Installation 2018-09-05T11:34:58+00:00

Project Description

The Spencer Street Sewer Mains Update project has reached its second stage with the first of three HOBAS CC-GRP Manholes successfully installed at 6m depth.

MDS 03 – OD2555 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, 6m depths (Installed).
MDS 04 – OD2160 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, 10m depths.
MDS 05 – OD2555 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, 11m depths.

Head Contractor: Quinn Civil
Asset Owner: City West Water

HOBAS CC-GRP products will be used throughout this project to create a complete system of the highest quality. HOBAS CC-GRP Manholes coupled with HOBAS Jacking Pipe ensures consistent quality for critical infrastructure projects. The lightweight manholes were delivered as complete components to the Spencer Street site completely assembled. This reduces the need for additional construction in-situ, which could compromise the quality of each unit. No protective coatings or sealing work is required so installation is quick and easy.

Manufacturing and Qualification:
HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Manholes are certified to international standards from ISO, TUV, EN, and ISO9001. To meet these standards, stringent manufacturing inspection and testing is carried out, including raw material qualification, stiffness testing and dimensional verification. Arpol Couplings guarantee long service life and meet industry and international standards ISO9001, ISO 14001.

ARPOL Mechanical Couplings:
DN1500 ARPOL INSTALL Series ICZ Quality W5 Mechanical Couplings were used to make the connection between the OD1499 HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipe for the Sewer Pipeline and the HOBAS Pre-fabricated Manholes. Arpol is a world-renowned manufacturer of hi-tech flexible couplings suitable sealing joints in waste and water applications, oil and gas distribution, mining and civil engineering projects. The couplings are easy to install and are also corrosion resistant. Arpol Couplings manage angular deflections, axial movement, radial deformation and vibration which cuts down on unnecessary stress to pipes in the system.

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Project Details