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HOBAS Re-lining Pipe

When spot repairs of old pipe lines, are no longer viable, local authorities are faced with the problem of rehabilitating or replacing pipelines. Replacement has the disadvantage of being very costly and disruptive to urban areas where the largest sewer networks are located.

HOBAS Re-lining Pipe:

Rehabilitation is usually the logical choice and relining using HOBAS pipes has been proven to be a very cost effective, fast, low-risk solution. HOBAS Pipes are inserted in the existing pipeline with grout cementing them in place. In view of the savings municipal authorities are now allocating as much as 50% of budgets to rehabilitation. HOBAS CC-GRP Products are ideal for this application being lightweight, corrosion resistant, quality-assured, easily jointed and rigid to resist grouting forces. HOBAS pipe has been used for relining application throughout the world.