Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade: Hobas Manhole Installation


The Spencer Street Sewer Mains Update project has reached its second stage with the first of three HOBAS CC-GRP Manholes successfully installed at 6m depth. Manholes: MDS 03 – OD2555 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, 6m depths (Installed). MDS 04 – OD2160 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, 10m depths. MDS 05 – OD2555 HOBAS Pre-Fabricated Shaft, SN10,000, [...]

West Gate Tunnel Project, Melbourne


Project Name: West Gate Tunnel Project Sub-Project Name: North Yarra Main Sewer Project Owner: Victoria State Government Project Contractor: John Holland and CPB Contractors Joint Venture Project Details: DN3000 HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipe SN64000 – Global Pipe supplied 660m of DN3000 HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipe SN64000, including Inter Jack Lead-in and Trail pipes. Project Scope: The Works comprises design, fabrication, [...]

Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds – Inlet Works Upgrade


Asset Owner: Power and Water Corporation Contractor: BMD Constructions Project Scope: OD924 HOBAS CC-GRP Pressure Pipe, PN10, SN10,000. Arpol couplings and pre-fabricated custom designed Hobas Spools were supplied. Project Background: Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds has been operating for over 40 years on the outskirts of Darwin and treats 15 million litres of wastewater a day. Works [...]

Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade


Project Head Contractor: Quinn Civil Tunnelling Contractor: Bothar Boring and Tunnelling Asset Owner: City West Water Global Pipe supplied this project with HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipe, OD1499 SN40,000, PN1 Jacking Pipe. Along with the supply of pipe, Global Pipe designed and supplied three HOBAS pre-fabricated Manholes. The construction involved the installation of 700 meters of new sewer mains [...]

Pukekohe Trunk Sewer, Auckland


Pukekohe Trunk Sewer, Auckland NZ Project Owner: Water Care NZ Contractor: Fulton Hogan Project: HOBAS CC-GRP Pressure Sewer. The Pukekohe Trunk Sewer was installed by Fulton Hogan for Water Care. This project includes 5.3km of DN650, SN20,000, PN16 HOBAS CC-GRP. Global Pipe were involved from planning to delivery and supplied full technical and logistical support.

Wairau Road Rising Main, Auckland


Wairau Road Rising Main, Auckland Project Owner: Watercare NZ Project Head Contractor: March Cato Civil Engineering Contractors Project: Supply of 682m HOBAS CC-GRP Pressure Jacking Pipe The Wairau Pump Station located in the Wairau Valley, north of Auckland is located in challenging terrain in the middle of a commercial and industrial area. Microtunnelling at a depth of 5.5m was required [...]

Northern Corridor Improvements Project


Northern Corridor Improvements Project, Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant, Auckland, New Zealand Head Contractor: Abergeldie Harker Asset Owner: Watercare NZ Project Scope: An upgrade to Auckland’s Rosedale Waste Water Treatment Plant. Global Pipe supplied HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking to this project, with pipe specifications ranging from OD1280 PN1 SN32,000 Jacking Pipe and OD1499 SN32,000 HOBAS Jacking Pipe, for a total project pipeline [...]

Cooper Street Somerton Sewer Duplication


Head Contractor: MFJ Constructions Pty Ltd Asset Owner: Yarra Valley Water Project Scope: HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking and Open Trench Pipe were supplied to this project. Pipe specifications ranging from DN650 PN1 SN10,000 Pipe to SN80,000 HOBAS Pipe, for a 2.7km pipeline. Pipe for this project was supplied directly to Yarra Valley Water. Global Pipe offered free storage [...]

Lockerbie Branch Sewer


Head Contractor: Califam Constructions Pty Ltd Asset Owner: Yarra Valley Water Project Scope: HOBAS CC-GRP was chosen for this project by head contractor Califam Constructions. This project consisted of an 855m Branch Sewer Pipeline, DN525 SN10,000 Pipe. With the delivery times meeting expectations, the project was completed on time and with an exceptional quality product. Project Background: The Lockerbie [...]