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Project Description

Project Owner: Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU)
Project Head Contractor: JOHN HOLLAND GROUP Pty Ltd (JHG)
Project: WOOLLOONGABBA Trunk Sewer Upgrade, Stages 2 and 3

Project Scope: HOBAS CC-GRP OD1499 Jacking Pipe: The Woolloongabba Sewer was the largest GRP Jacking Pipe project in Australian history, with over 4.5km of pipe installed under some of Brisbane’s busiest streets. Several individual drives were over 400 metres in length, including curved drives. Global Pipe, the Australian distributor of Hobas remained on site for the initial deliveries and provided an on-site assessment of damaged pipe with the application engineer, providing replacement pipe in under two weeks’ time and follow-up visits with project engineers. A crew was supplied to repair any “separation steps” that occurred during jacking.

Project Details